It’s all about perspective sometimes, at least that’s what we are suggesting this month.  As we look around at the world, our country, our community, and our family, we can easily get caught up in what we “see”, and getting caught up in that egocentric view impacts us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  As we are shown bits and pieces of the lessons we came here to learn, we can often lose focus of the bigger picture, that which is truly for our highest good.  We (Jeff and Jo) were reminded of this on our drive down to Tucson when we saw this beautiful sandstone arch (pictured) as we rounded a corner.  It was a beautiful surprise in an otherwise monotonous area.

At first glance, we could see through the arch and the beauty that lay behind it, and it gave us one view of the world to ponder – more of the monotony.  When we gazed at the view in its wholeness, we could see a much grander picture, as if looking through a different window, a different lens.  This perspective showed us the beauty that is everywhere if we widen our gaze (or viewpoint, or filter…).  So perhaps we can use this analogy to inquire about the limiting view of the “arch window” we may be using in our daily lives, perhaps one that may be limiting us from blossoming into all we were meant to be, and do, and become.  The gecko sees the arch window and believes that is all there is.  The eagle high above can see the divine order of things and remains calm and sure. So this month as it feels like the darkness of the winter and February is about to overcome you, look from that higher perspective, through the arch and beyond.  Perhaps that window you are currently looking out of is limiting.  Soar to new heights and embrace who you are meant to be and the shadows will rescind, brightening your day and your soul.