Space Clearing consists of cleansing, purifying, blessing, and gridding the home and land to bring your space into peace, balance and harmony. Just like our bodies, our homes and work spaces are our temples. And in a similar way to our bodies, the spaces we live in have immune systems that can be very sensitive to energy. Non-harmonious energy in our living and working spaces can also create disturbances within us. I will work with you to understand what intent you want set for the home, property, or space. Those that would like to may work with me to provide assistance with clearing the space.

When should you do a space clearing?

  • Moving into a new home/office space (this can include a Blessing as well)
  • Resetting the energy of a home or business
  • Cleansing from a major event – fire, divorce, death
  • What are the signs that your space needs cleaning?
  • A space that feels uncomfortable or has “emotional imprints”
  • Plants might have difficulty growing
  • Noxious environments can cause illness, headaches, restless sleep or lack of energy
  • Dyslexic symptoms can manifest: difficulty focusing, mental fatigue, lethargy, low stamina
  • Persistent nightmares and sleeping problems
  • Perception of entities associated with the area or hauntings
  • History of “bad luck” and other problems
  • Knowledge of past evil that has occurred on the premises

What is the process of space clearing?
Space clearing processes differ according to the types of imbalances that are occurring in the space. The approach is always one based in compassion and positive intention. Usually the process takes an hour or two. The process may involve the use of smudging with sage, crystal gridding or other techniques.

Here’s a video explaining space clearing – Video Here

What are the benefits?
People generally experience an alleviation of the events or experiences that had been undergoing before the clearing. People report the space feels “lighter” or more relaxed.

How can I maintain the space after clearing?
You will be given some ideas that are specific to your situation after the clearing has happened.


Space & House Clearing – 
90 minutes – $99

Online scheduling

*Price can change due to travel and size of space


May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility