Our goal is to help people think well, live well, be well.  Our mission is to provide services and products that introduce, support or enhance healthy lifestyles.  Wellness begins with the balancing of all three aspects: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Ways To Wellness offers a variety of natural, holistic products for personal and home care use. We offer products and services that support your entire well-being: Mind, Body, and Spirit. We offer information through our knowledgeable staff, guests, classes, and out-reach programs. Ways To Wellness offers a place for individuals to incorporate natural wellness into their current life style.

Ways To Wellness History

Ways To Wellness opened on August 11, 2010 in a 1000 square foot space on Ashman Street in Downtown Midland, operated by Jo and one other employee.  Due to the community’s embrace of the store, its products and services, Ways To Wellness outgrew that space in a year and moved into our current 3400 square foot space in February 2012.

Since then we continue to blossom and thrive:  we have expanded our offerings, products, teachers and providers, and services; we hired additional, amazing staff members; and Jeff retired from his corporate job to pursue our joint passion of being of service to others as they pursuit their personal path to well-being.

How Did the Dream Begin?

Jo and Jeff never had any intentions of opening their own business or becoming energy practitioners.  Jo loved being a teacher and working with “kids with quirks”; Jeff had accepted a corporate role as the developer of a global quality department moving our family back to Midland from California.  But like many things, a story unfolds and life takes an unexpected turn…

In her junior year of high school, our daughter began to be affected by debilitating migraine headaches.  After pursuing all the western medicine routes for almost two years and getting no relief, we turned to a combined approach of holistic medicines and practices with allopathic support.  It was this route that resolved our daughter’s migraines and lead to the birth of Ways To Wellness.

Through our journey to help our daughter heal, we learned of many wonderful complementary wellness avenues and modalities.  We realized that these approaches were not available in the area nor were they well understood.  Through repeated dreams and through other work that we, Jo and Jeff trained in, the concept of a “Midland Reiki Center” formed, and that eventually transformed into a store and Reiki center which we named Ways To Wellness because there are many ways to find wellness.

Meet Jeff and Joanne Currier, the owners of Ways To Wellness!

Jeff and Jo personally use and can attest to the quality and benefits of the natural products and services offered at their store.

Jeff and Jo enjoy all things outdoors including camping, hiking, kayaking, rock hounding, and gardening. They also enjoy spending time with their adult children. Jeff and Jo are avid learners, adventurous travelers, and dedicated wellness advocates. With joy and gratitude in 2019, they will celebrate 35 years of marriage and 9 years as business entrepreneurs / co-teachers.
This passion is clearly reflected in the philosophy, products, and services that their store offers.

Jeff Currier

Jeff has been listening to the universe nudging him to become what he came into this world to be. Leaving behind the corporate world, Jeff has been living Reiki, Crystals and Shamanic practices for the last 10 years. Jeff brings a practical approach to the healing services he offers to individuals and the community. “My goal is to meet people where they are and to help restore harmony and balance, and to heal fear and trauma, so that each person may become all they were meant to be.” Jeff works with people individually; he also clears and blesses homes, land, and spaces. Stones and crystals are key part of Jeff’s connection to nature, and where he finds rejuvenation for himself and the environment. In hypnotherapy Jeff combines the knowledge and wisdom he has gained to help people address the real root cause of behaviors, events or experiences in a loving, pleasant, lasting way allowing people to reach the goals they desire. “In all my work, all I do is create the space for the work to happen; each person and spirit do all that is necessary for the person’s highest good in that moment.”

As a Hypnotherapist, a Shamanic Practitioner, and as a Master in Usui and Crystal Reiki, Jeff helps individuals grow and develop becoming all they were meant to be. With degrees as a Chemical Engineer and a Geologist, he shares his love of crystals and minerals with others and brings a unique scientific backed approach to spirituality and healing. Jeff’s uncomplicated explanations help others to understand the science behind energy-based practices, bridging the gap between the two. Trained at a state certified hypnotherapy school and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, Jeff’s hypnotherapy approach is unique as he assists clients by addressing the root cause of behavior or attitude, thus helping clients quickly achieve their goals. As a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Jeff follows the practice and principles of The Foundation for Shamanic Healing as well as those taught to him by indigenous healers as they led him through his own personal initiations.  Combining these approaches, he works with his healing family for the highest good of those that need support.   Together with his wife Jo, Jeff co-owns Ways To Wellness and Higher Self Bookstore.

BS – Chemical Engineering– Michigan State University
BS – Geology/Geophysics Michigan State University

Certified Hypnotherapist
Usui Reiki Master
Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner
Shamanic Practitioner
Karuna® Reiki Master Practitioner

Professional Member International Center for Reiki Training since 2011
Foundation for Shamanic Practitioners
Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Jo Currier

Jo is a Certified Reiki Master in Usui and Karuna® Reiki, trained in Angelic Reiki, and co-owner of Ways To Wellness. Jo has been the recipient of many honors, awards and certificates and most recently was voted and honored with the 2013 Most Motivational Mentor, Greatest of the Great Lakes Bay Region award. She is also a trained Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator which helps people change things they thought were unchangeable by letting go of energetic limitations. Holding a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education (including special education endorsements), she has over 20 years of teaching experience. Jo is passionate about helping others, loves mentoring, and intuitively guides people to be the best they can be.

MS – Curriculum and Instruction / Education – Chapman University
BS – Elementary Education – Michigan State University

Usui Reiki Master Karuna® Reiki Master Angelic Reiki Practitioner Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Understanding & Helping Grieving Children, Teens & Families After a Suicide or Sudden Death Training Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (Irlen Syndrome) Screener

Professional Member International Center for Reiki Training since 2011 Midland Cancer Services Volunteer (providing Reiki) Midland Area Chamber of Commerce

FEATURED – Jeff & Jo and Ways To Wellness
National Holistic Skin Care Conference 2013 – Keynote Speakers
North Midland Living Magazine – Meditation Feature April 2014; Contributing Writers September 2013 Great Lakes Bay Regional Lifestyle Magazine – May 2013; July 2013 Your Health Magazine, Midland Daily News – January 2012 The Focus, Midland High School – February 2014



Store Manager

Jimmie brings his calm, gentle style to Ways To Wellness.  Having managed 5 different Movie Theaters, Jimmie knows what it takes to ensure Ways To Wellness has all you’ve come to expect from us.  Stop in and say hello and experience his warm smile.


Wellness Coach

Melissa is here to help you along your chosen path.  She has this intuitive sense and desire to help you make the progress you are looking for.  When you are in, allow her to share her knowledge and strength of character with you as she empowers you to be all you can be.


Wellness Coach

Makaylah is wise beyond her years and brings youthful enthusiasm to our space.  Makaylah love crystals and rocks and her artistic touch is seen throughout the store.  Stop in and say Hello.


Essential Oil Coach

Megan brings here warmth and her nature as an educator to the oil bar.  You’ll enjoy her enthusiasm and sincerity as she mixes up the perfect essential oil cocktail for you.


Meet Elise, our newest member of the Wellness Team.

Wellness begins with the balancing of all three aspects: Mind, Body, and Spirit.