Shamanic Healing is used around the world in many different cultures and shamanic practices vary from culture to culture. But the goal — to heal people, communities, institutions and the earth and to live in balance — is always the same.

The word “Shaman” means “one who can see in the dark”. Shamanic healing is a path for direct revelation for people who suffer the ills of contemporary life such as: stress, the sense that life has no meaning, or  unfulfilled desires.

Shamanism, though filled with elements of ritual, is not a religious practice rather a way to work with our spirit to achieve healing.

Here is a video of Jeff describing the Shamanic Healing that he offers – Video Here

Interested in a House Clearing or Land Blessing?  Here’s a video describing that work – Video Here

The Following Shamanic Experiences are Offered:

  • Power Retrievals-reconnection to energy and gifts within you.
  • Energy Removal-removal of energy that is no longer needed or not yours.
  • Space Clearing-removal of energies from homes, land and items.
  • Soul Retrievals-returning lost parts of your soul followed by Soul Part Integration-healing retrieved soul parts to restore integration with you.
  • Death and Dying consultation and preparation.
  • Ancestral healing-clearing today’s issues by healing your ancestral line.
  • Curse Unraveling and Clearing.
  • Energy Clearing of suffering beings
  • Personal Ritual-creation and execution of healing ritual.

Stop in and discover Shamanic Healing for yourself and experience the kind of impact it can have on you.


Shamanic Healing Session 
90 Minutes – $99

Shamanic Divination
30 Minutes – $35

Power Animal Retrieval 
30 Minutes – $35

** Other healing techniques can be used with Reiki, such as Crystals, Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, Emotional Clearing, and Chakra Balancing.

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What is Shamanic healing and what does it heal?

Shamanism is the ancient practice of healing wherein the shaman goes into a trance like state and communicates with spirits. They do this to get information and knowledge, and to request healings for other beings (and sometimes for themselves)

Shamanic Healing Techniques can

  • Remove energy blocks
  • Correct chakra imbalances
  • Cleanse your energy (luminous) body
  • Break old patterns – remove the “magnets” that draw the same situations to your life
  • Understand the root cause behind physical illness and heal it
  • Heal emotional trauma and conditioning from childhood
  • Heal deep emotional trauma and conditioning from sexual abuse
  • Heal emotional pain and patterns from relationships
  • Heal trauma and conditioning from past lives (whether you believe in them or not!)
  • Remove the negative effects or restrictions of past lives
  • Remove energy attachments and assist them on their way home
  • Heal yourself, your ancestors and future generations
  • Restore your soul to wholeness – retrieve missing parts of yourself
  • Reconnect with spirit /Creator
  • Change limiting or negatives beliefs


  • Remove the restrictions that stop you from feeling free, light and positive about your life
  • Enable the body to heal from physical injury or ailment
  • Remove phobias
  • Release negative behavioral patterns
  • Understand the reasons behind weight issues or eating/drinking disorders
  • Remove and heal the need for dependencies
  • Understand yourself and your soul contracts
  • Correct relationship issues
  • Prevent future illness/disease
  • Obtain support through your transition period
  • Obtain support to help you achieve your goals
  • Have someone to speak to who really listens to you
  • Achieve your dreams – be all that you can be
  • Liberate your life!

Soul Retrieval

Shamans believe that when a person suffers from a physical or psychological trauma a part(s) of the soul splits off and no longer contributes to the person’s whole being. Instead it stays fixed in the event, but in non ordinary reality. This dissociation is called soul loss, and it often results in loss of memory, or a feeling of incompleteness. This disengagement makes it easier to survive traumas such as accidents, abuse, or emotional disturbances. Children can suffer soul loss from events that are traumatic to them, but may seem trivial to adults. Soul loss can also occur when another person “holds” onto a part of us, and doesn’t let go. (An old lover perhaps.)

Once the traumatic event is over complete healing can occur when the soul part(s) that is missing is returned. The shaman facilitates this event by journeying into non ordinary reality and, with the help of spirit allies, finding the missing soul parts and bringing them back home. Then there is a period of integration, where the client gets to know the returned soul part(s) again, and together they work to heal the old wounds.

Power Retrieval

All people and animals can enjoy the power, strength and comfort of an alliance with a spiritual power animal. The spirits of wild animals work with shamans, guiding them through their journeys, giving advice and performing healings. Often the first thing a modern shamanic healer does for a client is retrieve a power animal for them. The person then bonds with the animal by honoring it in ordinary reality, visiting it during quiet meditation, and dancing in a way that lets the animal move through his or her limbs.

Energy Removal

Often illness has a spiritual component as well as a physical component. When people are vulnerable and dis-empowered it is possible for energy that doesn’t belong to us to enter our bodies. These misplaced energies can cause persistent sickness, soreness and other undesirable things.

As a shaman one of my key functions is to work with my spirits to extract these misplaced energies and deliver them to a neutral place, where they can contribute to the overall good of things (instead of causing harm). This process is called extraction, and it is a very common healing activity in my work. The results are immediate and powerful. After an extraction I always fill the space with Reiki healing.

Energy Clearing of Suffering Beings

Whether you believe in spirits or not, they do exist and can cause problems. There are many ways a spirit can become attached to a living person, animal, place, building, land, river, forest, country, etc. All things, all beings can suffer from an unwanted spirit attachment. I use the method of compassionate caring to assist the spirits to their true home and to remove energy that does not belong to the person or place. Often the presence of an attached spirit is recognized by new and sudden behaviors, feeling like a part of your body isn’t yours, and new or odd pains that suddenly appear. Once these beings leave, often they symptoms also disappear.

Curse Unraveling

Our words have power, far more power than most of realize. The curse at the person who cut you off in your care, the negative self talk we all do, this all builds up and the result is that we limit our personal power by the words we use, the emotion we put behind them and the life we give them when we say them. when a problem has been running in a family for generations, it may be a result of a curse placed many generations ago on an ancestor. That hurtful intention stays in place and affects the generations that follow until it is spiritually located and removed with compassion.

Unintentional curses are the most common. When someone declares to himself with conviction: “I’ll never love again!” it acts like a curse as one becomes locked into that energy. Things that we hear from our parents can affect us like curses as well.


Shamanic Healing is a form of energy healing and supports the natural healing processes of the mind and body. Shamanic Healing is not a replacement for any treatment prescribed by a doctor licensed health care professional or mental health professional.

The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still