Reiki is an energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes balance in and around your body.  It is a form of complementary therapy relating to energy healing.

Reiki promotes self-healing, overall health, and vitality by activating the natural healing processes of a person’s body and restoring physical and emotional well-being.  Originating from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning life energy, Reiki addresses all parts of a person including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.  Studies show that Reiki often creates feelings of peace, relaxation, wellness and security.

Here’s a video that describes Reiki – Video Here

Interested in Crystal Reiki?  Here’s a video explaining what Crystal Reiki is – Video Here

 Many major hospitals (including The University of Michigan Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, and William Beaumont here in Michigan) use Reiki as a complementary healing technique.

Reiki may:

  • Accelerate natural self-healing on all levels:  Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Support the well-being of individuals receiving traditional medical care and protocols including (but not limited to) chemotherapy, radiation, kidney dialysis, addiction recovery, and all types of surgical procedures
  • Foster physical recovery after an injury or surgery
  • Reduce painful discomfort and ease physical tension
  • Stimulate your body’s natural immune system
  • Assist the body in cleansing toxins
  • Facilitate reduction of anxious feelings and stress
  • Manage feelings of depression, sadness, or grief
  • Balance the flow of subtle energy in and around the body
  • Promote balance and harmony in relationships
  • Create ease and peace during end-of-life experiences
  • Enhance creativity and productivity
  • Assist in the manifestation of goals
  • Facilitate the process of spiritual growth


Reiki / Karuna Reiki Session –
90 Minute – $125.00
60 Minute –  $80.00
45 Minute –  $70.00
30 Minute –  $45.00

Crystal Reiki Session –
60 Minute – $80.00

Angelic Reiki Session –
60 Minute – $80.00

Couples Reiki Session –
60 Minute – $110.00

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Relaxation of muscles, tissues, organs, body systems

Balancing of energy flow through meridians

Physical pains and stresses are relieved or alleviated

Physical body and body systems are strengthened


Relaxation shortens recovery time of chemical reaction initiated with emotional distress

Feel soothed and calmed

Less subject to mood swings

Distress dissipates more quickly


Clearer thinking

Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude

Greater focus and less distraction

Greater creativity and spontaneity


Connection to inner wisdom and intuition

Sense of true self within

Relaxation of body, thoughts, and feelings helps to move beyond known bounds of self

Learn and release from negative experiences

What does a treatment feel like?

A treatment feels like warm, gentle sunshine, which flows through you, surrounds you and brings comfort. Reiki treats the person’s body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole. Reiki is powerful, yet wonderfully gentle and nurturing. During a treatment, the recipient remains fully clothed. Reiki supports any medical, or supplemental healing methods a client may be using and is of growing interest to chiropractors, medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists and hypnotherapists.

What Session Is Best For Me?

We recommend 45-60 minute sessions if you’re new to Reiki.  Once you can easily relax with the process, a 30 minute session is great for lunch hour treatments, instant relaxation, rejuvenation, and focus!  A 1 hour session is recommended for a deeper experience and is optimal for healing.

NOTE:  It is suggested that a client receives at least 4-6 treatments for maximum results, as the energy will have the opportunity to build and increase for maximum support.

Overall Wellness

  • Preventative health care
  • Boost immune system
  • Increase energy levels
  • Enhance self confidence
  • Reduce Stress
  • Self-care and pampering

Assists in healing physical conditions

  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Skin Conditions
  • Ulcers
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Acute and Chronic Conditions


Reiki is a form of energy healing and supports the natural healing processes of the mind and body. Reiki is not a replacement for any treatment prescribed by a doctor licensed health care professional or mental health professional.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a multi-faceted energy that can be used to help us with meditation practices, spiritual growth, healing relationships, manifestation of goals, and activating the healing power within all living beings. Reiki is a tool to help us develop “wellness consciousness” and also to understand, on an experiential level, what it truly means to be “One with all Creation”.

Reiki is usually considered to be a “hands-on healing technique”. This is one application, but it is so much more. Mikao Usui discovered this healing art in Japan in the late 1800s. The Japanese Kanji characters that represent the word Reiki can be translated to mean; Rei = Universe or Spirit-Guided and Ki = Life Force Energy.

As we know, everything in our Universe is energy. There are many forms of healing energy and Reiki is one of many healing rays. This energy is infinitely wise and knows precisely what we need to relax, release stress, and activate the healing power within.

All forms of healing whether traditional, complementary or alternative have an impact on the human subtle energy system. Each method also carries a unique vibrational frequency and consequently will create different effects. A beautiful characteristic of Reiki is that it has the ability to harmonize energies that may normally be incompatible and can create the best possible outcome. Therefore Reiki enhances anything we do.

Our body is composed not only of physical elements such as muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, organs, glands, etc.; it also has a subtle energy system through which life force energy flows. This subtle energy system is composed of energy ‘bodies’ which surround our physical body and assist us in processing our thoughts and emotions.

Reiki is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. Because of this, Reiki promotes healing and health.

The Reiki system is comprised of techniques for transmitting this subtle energy to yourself and others through the hands, eyes or chakras into the human subtle energy system. Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently and effectively opens blocked meridians, nadas and chakras, and clears the energy bodies, leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace.

What is Karuna Reiki?

Karuna Reiki® is a healing energy that assists us in awakening to Universal compassion and the wisdom of our soul. Compassion is a state of consciousness, which when combined with energy, has great transformational power. Karuna Reiki® has evolved as a result of a partnering, or co-creatorship between humanity and the Divine through the worldwide practice of Usui Reiki.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as “compassionate action.” When individuals experience enlightenment, they report that all beings are known as one. Therefore, it is natural to extend compassionate action or Karuna to everyone without distinction because we are all one. As we help others and aid them in their healing process, all beings benefit. Because of the oneness of all beings, it is understood that Karuna is not only extended to others out of love, but also because it is an entirely logical thing to do. In the same way that you would want to heal your own wounds, you would also want the wounds of others to heal. It is also stated in the Buddhist literature that Karuna must be accompanied by parjna or wisdom in order to have the right effect.

Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end suffering on Earth. They continually send an unlimited amount of healing energy and guidance to us, but not all are receptive to it. As you develop Karuna in yourself, not only are you helping others, but you also become more receptive to the Karuna that is being sent by all enlightened beings. Thus your healing is quickened as well.

Karuna Reiki® opens you to work more closely with all enlightened beings. This includes those enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit.

Reiki is truly “Limitless Love”.
There is nothing that Divine Love cannot heal, and Reiki is a form of Divine Love that can be learned by anyone and used to help themselves, others and the planet.