In a number of different ways the feeling, the word, the emotion called “unworthiness” keeps coming up.  As I’ve worked with clients and with Spirit on this feeling, it has been amazing how insidious the emotion of unworthiness may be in our lives.  How many of you have a difficult time receiving?  If we get something, we struggle to just accept it with gratitude, we feel the need to do something in return, or we unconsciously create a sense of “owing” to the giver.  This is one of the subtler ways that unworthiness shows itself in our lives.  What about your dreams, hopes, and ambitions?  Have you thought about something and then said, “That’s just out of my reach”?  It’s another way that unworthiness shows up in our lives.  We place a limit on what we can achieve or deserve that isn’t a real limitation. As I was shown, unworthiness is a loss of dignity.  Dignity can be defined as “the ability to feel worthy of honor and respect.”  When you have dignity, you give yourself no labels and you see yourself as an unique spirit, an unique soul.  When you have a lack of dignity you’ve lost a bit of your personal power, and you allow others define you.  You can look at the amount of personal power you have lost by looking at the gap between the “who” you are as a soul being and the “who” you are living as, and the choices you make, the labels you accept.  The size of the gap between these two is the amount of dignity lost and power taken.  When you heal this and remove the labels, you reclaim your dignity and your personal power.  Without this dignity and power, we live in pursuit of them which creates this feeling of unworthiness.  So, I invite you to look at the labels you’ve accepted, the choices you make, and to recapture your dignity.  In doing so you’ll recover that lost power and the ability to receive whatever comes your way with joy and gratitude.