These Changing Times

As you might imagine, at the Ways To Wellness we get all kinds of emails from spiritual teachers, authors, and concerned customers.  As we read through all these messages, it seems that there is a common thread resonating through many of them that revolves around F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).  As I write this, I don’t want to minimize in any way the feelings any single individual may have for these are real and personal and must be honored.  And, I don’t intend to promote a particular individual or party for all diverse perspectives have value.  Instead, I’m looking at the energy of all that is occurring — from the events at Standing Rock to the U.S. election on November 8th and all that has transpired since then because the energy currents are strong.  Let’s look first at what the global consciousness chose on November 8th.  The global consciousness (all of us) were faced with a choice between slow and difficult change or fast and chaotic change.  The global consciousness chose fast and chaotic.  We hear the words ‘hate talk’ thrown around a lot, and I wonder if that isn’t being misinterpreted.  I don’t believe for a moment that the global consciousness is still at the place of hate for others; we’ve ascended too much for that.  Instead, I believe that ‘hate talk’ represents hate of the ‘status quo’.  How you define ‘status quo’ is where the chaos comes into play.  Each individual lens is different and defines ‘status quo’ in a way that is personally unique.   We need to honor that if we are to move forward in a constructive way.  In a recent shamanic journey circle that we held, the group journeyed and asked to be shown how we each can transmute our personal fears into constructive passion.  I feel this is something we can all meditate on and learn from.  The global consciousness has made a choice, and we have a choice to help make this next transition as quiet, simple, painless, and complete as possible.  We can do this by first turning inward and addressing our own fears, transmuting these fears into constructive passion and engagement, and then becoming that example for others so that they may do the same.  In this way we help move through these times to the ‘better times’ we dream of.  One spiritual teacher I listened to mentioned the changes that each of us can look upon for ourselves – understanding what “The Divine Feminine” really is.  For women (who generally work and act from the heart), it’s about moving away from having a ‘reactive heart’ and moving into having a ‘responsive heart’.  For men (who generally work from the mind), it’s about moving away from having a ‘defensive mind’ to developing a ‘diplomatic mind’.  We’ve already seen and felt the impact of what happens when ‘reactive hearts’ meet ‘defensive minds’.  Imagine for a moment what could happen when ‘responsive hearts’ meet ‘diplomatic minds’.  For me’ I see these times as an opportunity to transmute our fears into constructive passion and begin to use our ‘responsive hearts’ and ‘diplomatic minds’ constructively and with intention.  These can become the methods and tools that will allow us to move through this fast and chaotic change that was chosen in the least difficult way.  It is my sincere hope that some of this will resonate with you to bring peace and understanding to this confusing and chaotic time that we are experiencing.

In love and light,