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How exciting that mainstream media is catching on to what we’ve always known – living your best life means strengthening your mind, body, and soul connection!  In their “Spiritual Living” edition, Newsweek explores modalities that help us on this journey including Crystals, Essential Oils, Angels, Tarot, Meditation, Foods, Reiki, and more. No longer are these topics dismissed; people are awakening to the presence and importance of energy in their lives.“Contentment comes from connection. The first step in becoming connected is accepting the fact that the universe is filled with things we may never comprehend but fulfill us.” says Newsweek. Spirituality is an effort to focus one’s life on following a path that feeds your soul and that path can take many twists and turns. Here at Ways To Wellness, we have spent the past 5 years assisting people with the knowledge, care, and fun that is a part of this awakening. “Ways To Wellness-Home of the Essential Oil Bar” is an example of the caring and knowledge we bring each and every day.  The staff’s knowledge in Essential Oils, Crystals, Reiki, Angels, Organic/Natural Products, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Food, and more is staggering when we pause to think of it.  It’s the joy of sharing this knowledge, and the positive impact it has on the people we touch that keeps us going each day.  Seeing our work being recognized in a more public, mainstream way lets us know that the light we (and many others) have kept burning is making a difference.