[image style=”default” align=”left” size=”300″ src=”https://www.waystowellnessstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/spiral-297×300.jpg”]In the last several months, two reoccurring themes have been coming forward through conversations and social media – the first is the concept of living a heart centered life in which everything flows easily, and the other is that life seems crazy, chaotic, and moving at an accelerated pace. Sounds like two opposite ends of a spectrum, or a duality, doesn’t it? Well, here we would like to offer a visual analogy that brings order and harmony into these two ideas.
All of life is a spiral, a sacred spiral. It begins at our own personal heart center, the place where our soul-self is protected and nurtured and flows forth in the never-ending story of our personal journey. Our heart center or heart chakra truly is in balance when we can honestly, completely, and unselfishly love our soul self. And oh, my, is that challenging for most of us! Liking, let alone loving, the person you are in your personality, ego based self is almost impossible because you look outwards for validation. But I encourage you to simply spend some time resting in your true heart, mediating, listening to, and loving the soul that you are. Your soul self doesn’t need outside validation or labels. You are not someone else’s ideal. Remember, even the labels we associate as “good” define and limit you. When you live in a heart centered place, one in which your true self manifests your reality, you begin to live authentically which translates into a life of joy, creativity, non-judgment, and compassion.
Now think about the expressions we use – “My life is spiraling out of control”, or “I feel like I’m spinning around and around but not getting anywhere.” These expressions illustrate how important it is to allow your life to flow while understanding the concept of a heart-centered, spiraling life. Think about it this way — A spiral can be seen when in contrast, visible as a curve of light around darkness, such as a black line against a white background. The lessons we choose to learn circle around us, giving us an opportunity to grow and expand. When the spiral is traced clockwise, from the inside out, it allows us to share and give of ourselves to others, to shine our light and live from a place of love and light. It also allows us to look at aspects of our divine nature and to enfold all other aspects within that divinity. When we spiral and trace the circles in a counter-clockwise manner, we gain an opportunity to revisit our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. This is how we learn and grow; how we release dis-ease, doubt, karmic debt, and disharmony.
Creation itself reflects a spiral. Think of sacred geometry including the Fibonacci sequence that creates a spiral. Stars burst forth from cosmic spirals! Nature abounds with spirals – Nautilus and other sea shells, vine tendrils, flower centers, pine cones, snail shells, the way millipedes curl up, goat’s horns, and on and on. It is an ancient and recurring pattern. And, although not visible, it energetically occurs within each of us beginning at our heart. So now, take some time and begin to connect with your internal sacred spiral. Are you able to sense the center of this spiral at your heart? Is your energy moving clockwise or counter-clockwise? Are you in the flow of living a compassionate, trusting, non-judgmental life?