What is it that makes this time of year so much more pleasant for most?  Did you know that there are over 100 songs that are played just for the holiday  season from all spiritual paths that contain the word “Joy” in them?  It’s no wonder that we seem to be more tolerant, a little more patient, a little more forgiving as we head into December.  According to Dr. Hawkins’ book, Measuring Consciousness Levels, Joy (when said outloud) vibrates at 540 which is higher than Love at 500.  Imagine if you will the impact that hearing the word Joy and seeing the word Joy this time of year is having on all of us.  It’s no wonder that our spirits rise, and collectively we start to move just a bit nearer toward harmony and unity.  So let’s see what would happen if we keep Joy around just a bit longer and be more intentional about using the word Joy more often.  Think of what might happen to our ability to be more resilient – resilient to disease, fear and disharmony.  So spread Joy this holiday season and help to reverse the other frequencies we are bombarded with.

Joy to you all !!  Jeff & Jo