As much as I try to not get embroiled in all that is happening in the world, in our politics, and all else, I can’t help but be aware of what seems to be driving this – FEAR. Yes, that old familiar archetype that has misled much of humanity. Some of you have heard me say that the source of all dis-ease lies in three areas or any combination of these three: Disharmony, Fear and Trauma. So let’s look at Fear. F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s our suffering consciousness, our ego, which show us what it needs to feel wanted and feel important. When we shine a light on our FEAR, we find that it really wasn’t anything like we thought it was. Our suffering consciousness or ego creates scenarios to make itself feel important and needed and that is the basis of FEAR. They key to FEAR is not to ignore it but simply acknowledge it, understand what is creating this emotion and react to the underlying cause rather than the symptom called FEAR. Yes that is a mouthful, so let’s look at the steps: 1) Acknowledge the response called FEAR, 2) Ask, why is this response present? This is the tricky part. Recall FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real so to understand why it is present you first must assess is there real danger present? Not perceived danger but real danger. If danger is present then react to the danger and not the FEAR. In the absence of danger, FEAR is what the ego or suffering Consciousness feels it needs and it is trying to cause you to react. 3) React to what the soul and heart feel not what the suffering consciousness needs in that moment. When we react from our heart, FEAR is dissolved, shown for the false aspect that it is, and we are freed from its effects. When we free ourselves from the grasp of FEAR, our inner light shines and our guidance systems align with the will and the light of the universe. This is where we will find our true north, our bearing, what makes us feel whole. So welcome FEAR for the lessons it can teach that lie behind what the suffering consciousness feels it needs and shine that light of the heart on whatever is causing that need. Remember at the end of the day it’s all just energy. So let’s respond to the energy and not the emotion or judgments that come at us.