global-water-volume-freshIt’s July and this is the time that we celebrate the birth of an institution, The United States of America.  And while we have family gatherings, fireworks and much more, how often do you stop to think that this institution that we call “The United States of America” has a spirit?  All institutions have a spirit, and they embody the spirit of those that created and care for it.  Higher Self Bookstore is an institution and all the past and current caretakers have a duty to hold the energy in order for it to be successful and meet the community’s needs.

For the United States of America, for this institution, we suggest that all of us are the caretakers.  We often look to our elected officials but in truth they are simply meant to represent us.  We are the ones that are accountable for holding the energy of this institution, the USA.  So on this Fourth of July and all month, take time to consciously hold and send the energy you want for this institution that we are the caretakers of.  Hold the light and the ideals strong within you; not to change another’s view point or perspective, simply be that beacon of light, that personal firework that says this is what the energy of The United States of America is.  Imagine what could be created in an instant if all 325 million of us did that across the country.  It all starts with you and that one beacon of light.  Hold the energy.