May has begun and Spring is transitioning from its beginning into full swing.  The first flowers are beginning to blossom and boy are we ready for it. As the sun moves into the sign of Taurus we are being reminded to stop and take the time to smell the roses.  The blessings surround us bountifully in a multitude of different ways just waiting for us to acknowledge them.  Let us remind ourselves that life should be pleasurable, our bodies are a gift, and that the earth is our home.

The word “Spring” conjures up so many visceral sensory experiences in my mind.  The songs sung by the birds, the vibrant green that emerges signifying new life, the first smell of cut grass, the smoky flavor of fresh grilled food, the feel of soil in our hands as we begin to garden.  These gifts that Gaia selflessly bestows upon us, asking only that we cultivate the momentary awareness required to receive them.

Mindfulness, a curious word to contemplate, and a term that in recent times has created quite a buzz.  Mindfulness as a practice is about connection of our minds to our bodies, predominately by becoming aware of and actively participating in our breath.  Breathing is something that requires no thought but sustains our life.  When we begin to consciously become aware of and participate with the seemingly automatic, life sustaining practices in our life, something magic happens.  A connection is made between heaven and earth, a blessing is received.

My advice during this season of Taurus is to slow down, make a conscious effort to become embodied and increase your capacity to take the pleasure out of life.  Approaching each moment as if it was sacred may give you more than just a glimpse of the divine.