global-water-volume-freshWater… As one looks at our world, you would think that water is a thing of abundance. After all, 71% of the earth is covered in water although 96.5% of that is in the oceans. Only 2.5% of the total water present is freshwater (the larger bubble in the picture) and drinkable and of that, only 0.76% is readily accessible (the tiny bubble in the picture). So, that means that 0.76% of all the water present is available for us to sustain life as we know. Despite all the water we see, it truly is a precious resource to protect. Thanks to the efforts like Standing Rock and the local effort around the Line 5 Pipeline, much more awareness is being brought to how this resource is managed and cared for. The concern is also rising as governments around the world make changes to laws that have the potential to impact our drinkable water. So what to do with all this concern around water? Not all of us can go participate in Standing Rock or other events (around the nation and/or the world) that help create awareness. There is, however, something that each of us can do where ever we are to help bless, clean, and repair our fresh water resources. This work revolves around the power of prayer, intention, magic… call it what you feel comfortable with, but it is using energetic vibration to bring about change. This practice is actually something that we (Jeff and Jo) have done ourselves in the area and are hoping more people will take similar action. It starts with an intent and crystals, specifically pieces of quartz because the intention is then amplified — quartz has the unique property of being able to store and amplify energy. It’s why our LCD computer screens work (Liquid Crystal Displays); smartphone screens and such all use and operate on this principle. So by programming quartz with the intent “to cleanse and purify water, restoring it back to its original state for the benefit of the earth, all plant and animal life, and all human beings” we can, in our individual part, help to protect and restore that precious 0.76% of the earth’s water that is drinkable. To learn how to do this ceremony please read on. This process is being used in areas of Japan and have been shown through true scientific research to improve the water quality.
Quartz Water Ceremony: First find pieces of quartz that you’d like to program for this work. Cleanse them by smudging with sage and putting them under running water (tap water works just fine) while asking that any prior programming or energetic signatures be removed returning those quartz crystals back to their natural state. Now write out your intent for this quartz such as: “This quartz will cleanse and purify water, restoring it back to its original state for the benefit of the earth, all plant and animal life, and all human beings”. Hold your quartz in your hand and state out load your intent, while doing this, intend that all the emotional energy flow from your heart and hand into the quartz crystals. Continue to say your intent our loud until you feel the quartz has fully absorbed this programming intention. Trust your gut/intuition — you will know when it’s done. If you have some other ceremony from your culture or your spiritual practice that you want to use, that will work as well. All that is required is some technique from the heart to program your quartz. With your quartz programmed, now go to any water source and place your quartz into it. It can be a lake, stream, the bay, one of the big lakes, any water place will help. We went out to the tip of Mission Peninsula up in Traverse City and tossed out two programmed crystals and then drove over to Sleeping Bear Dunes and tossed out two more crystals into that part of the lake. We still have more programmed crystals to distribute to help promote the healing.
What is happening on a vibrational level is taking advantage of the conductive nature of water. The intent that was programmed into the crystal is just energy, and once that energy is transmitted to the water it propagates through the water just like a wave that we have all seen. This conductive nature of water along with the ability of quartz to amplify and transmit energy is a powerful! Please feel free to share your water stories with all of us at the Ways To Wellness.