[image style=”default” align=”left” size=”300″ src=”https://www.waystowellnessstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/candles2-e1425254943997.jpg”]Look at this New Item at Ways To Wellness – New Candles !!! From Terra Essential Oils. They smell absolutely great and they have a gemstone in each one of them. The Chakra Candle has a gemstone for each of the Chakras! Here’s a little bit more about this great find but stop in and see for yourself. smile emoticon
Each of Terra Essential Oil candles are uniquely blended with the finest aromas from an extensive line of 100% pure essential oils from around the world. A hand-selected gem stone is added to each small, medium, large candle to compliment and enhance the energetic composition.
• Individually hand-poured
• 100% premium soy wax
• Infused with essential oils
• Lead free, cotton wicks
• Hand-selected gem stone in each candle
• Natural Beech wood caps
• Long lasting and clean burning
• Recyclable and reusable glass cylinders