Blue Moon Crystal Charging: On August 31st we will have a Blue Moon, the second full moon in a month. This won’t happen again until July 31st 2015 so take advantage of this wonderful energy to charge your crystals. Blue moons are good for adding power to our desired goals and heightening spiritual awareness.

Crystal charging is the opposite of clearing. Crystal clearing is used to rid crystals of unwanted energy or vibrations. Crystal charging is used to imbue crystal with positive feelings, vibrations, or energy. Charged crystals are used to promote healing, strengthen intention and confidence. For moon-type energy (mystical, inward fulfillment, feminine energy), put your crystal outside under the light of a full moon for several hours. Charging under a waxing or full moon will increase the power of the crystals’ inherent abilities. Amethyst for example, is known for warding off intoxication and promoting psychic abilities. Charging an amethyst in full moonlight will enhance these abilities.Simply take your crystals out at sunset, since a full moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise you can leave the crystals out all night and collect them in the morning. Happy Charging 🙂

Thank you to Paying it Forward – One Day at a Time for the fantastic image.