Today I was drawn to slip Morganite into my pocket.

Morganite, also known as “pink beryl”, “rose beryl”, “pink emerald”, and “cesian (or caesian) beryl”, is a rare light pink to rose-colored gem-quality variety of beryl.

Morganite stone activates, clears and energizes the heart chakra … and helps love to flow in your life.  It can assist with relationships and will improve your self esteem as it brings through the energy of Divine love… and joins it with your own feelings of self esteem… or love for yourself.

For healing… it is said to heal lung conditions, such as asthma or emphysema and may stabilize the heart, as it clears problems within the lungs.

You can learn more about Morganite and how to use it in this excellent article from Healing Crystals For You.

Fun fact:  Morganite was first discovered in California in the early twentieth century. A rich gem find of tourmaline, kunzite, and other gems outside San Diego started a gem rush in the region. Morganite was an exciting new discovery, one that drew the attention of the world’s most important gem buyer: George Kunz of Tiffany & Co.   Kunz knew that this rich pink gem was something exceptional and he bought all he could. He decided to name it in honor of his biggest customer: millionaire bank tycoon J.P. Morgan, who was an avid gem collector.