Are you living your purpose?

This Journey 2 Empowerment tele-summit will show you how to create awareness, vision and intention for living YOUR purpose by using this amazing panel of experts, who are available to you for 21 days to share with you their expertise.

It is our pleasure to announce that Jo and I will be a speakers at this one of a kind gathering of over 20 of the best teachers, innovators and coaches in their fields coming to you via this tele-summit.

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Those who join us for this exciting and FREE series will realize many benefits, including:
learning valuable tools and tips from internationally renowned experts
gaining insights from unique and varied healers, life coaches, and other specialized disciplines
every speaker will be offering a FREE GIFT that you can benefit from immediately.

Jo will be sharing Reiki -Universal Life Energy and Jeff will be sharing Reaching Your Goals Through Hypnosis.

Simply click here to register and on May 29th you will begin enjoying all the benefits of this amazing tele-summit and begin to create awareness, vision and intention to live YOUR purpose.

Love and Light,
Jeff & Jo Currier