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Jeff & Jo Currier, owners of Ways To Wellness in Midland, Michigan are proud to become the new owners of Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan taking the reins from Ricki Blanchard who has been the face of Higher Self Bookstore for the last 15 years. They look forward to continuing to service the Midland community and are excited to join the Traverse City community. For more details, see the links below.
Click here to hear how Jeff & Jo came to be the new owners and what the future holds and to hear from Ricki on the sale of Higher Self Bookstore..

Courtesy of Higher Self Bookstore November Newsletter. “Buying Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City can be seen as a testament to Jeff and Jo’s passion to maintain the best in wellness, healing and metaphysical services and products for people across the state of Michigan. They do not intend to change the name of Higher Self or much of the current operations, except to change the location. A prime location opened up on the north side of Front Street just across the street from where Higher Self has been for the last 30 years. On December 1st the address will be 313 East Front Street and will have a long balcony overlooking the Boardman River and a wide view of West Bay and Clinch Park.”

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