[image style=”default” align=”left” size=”300″ src=”https://www.waystowellnessstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Green-Kyanite-e1350159590866.jpg”/]Green Kyanite is a great heart aligner !  Like all other kyanites, it will align your chakras due to it’s very high vibration.  Beyond your chakras, green kyanite also links your heart to nature and the balance between the two.  Green Kyanite is good in helping to determine the truth of what you are being told, so the next time that salesman calls hold a piece and listen to your heart about what you are being told.  Think of it as your personal “lie detector” by connecting to your hearts truth.  Green Kyanite can also help to enhance your dreams.  For me I most notice the more direct connection to nature and what nature needs to maintain balance.  It acts as that bridge between the seen and unseen promoting a heightened sense of communication.  I use this stone mostly during meditations but do keep it handy when someone is telling me something and I need to be discerning.