[image style=”default” align=”left” size=”300″ src=”https://www.waystowellnessstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/shadow-1.jpg”]It seems that everywhere we turn these days, even if we aren’t plugged into the television and other news streams, we are being barraged with events, thoughts and beliefs that are testing us — testing us to be sure that we don’t stray from the lightbearers path and that we continue to dream a new dream, a new positive reality into existence. Sure it’s easy to get caught up in the rhetoric, the drama, and the emotions that all of this brings which is precisely what is behind all that is happening. These old energies are trying to knock us off center, to nudge us back to the old dualistic ways that have brought about this strife to begin with. I’m not suggesting or implying that the rhetoric and these events aren’t hurtful, disturbing, or a whole host of other descriptors because they truly are. What we do have choice over is our response. You see it’s just all energy, and when we respond from a place of strong, old style emotions, all we do is put fuel to the fire that is burning – keeping us stuck. By making judgemental statements and/or posting tongue in cheek things on Facebook and other social media sites when we feel slighted, we are keeping ourselves stuck. Remember, anything less than compassionate love is adding to the disarray around us. The old ways, responses, and energies are not the catalysts that are going to turn this all around. So here’s some thoughts to consider: 1) Honor the power that is being expressed even if it is contrary to your beliefs. Most of us act out when we feel a part of us has been shutdown, shutoff, or traumatized instead, acknowledge and honor that feeling and the power it has on your response. This is the first step in reconciling your feelings/energies and beginning to work in partnership with those feelings and energies to bring about positive change. 2) Recognize the part of you that needs healing and love, the part that was triggered by the power you have now honored bringing all of this into your awareness. It’s important that you be real and be vulnerable as you do this. The universe knows the difference between doing and acting. Sarcasm is far more deadly than you may believe. 3) Thank these events and the power they are wielding within you for their teachings, and then just love them. Yep that’s right, but not the going-through-the-motions kind of love. The kind of heart centered love that says I really mean it and feel it. Compassionate love will acknowledge the old energies and ways making them feel heard and welcome so that they can become a partner in your life rather than something you shun. These three things just might be enough to really shift the world consciousness in a direction that lets in more light, allows us to be more connected to our higher self, our authentic self, and to build the reality we desire and have come here to create. It’s the real Shadow Self work.