This months musings come from the Jungle of the Peruvian Amazon.  For us, this is our time of spiritual renewal and growth as well as the cleansing of all the clutter that no longer serves us and our path.  Doing this work far away in a pristine and natural environment allows for very deep inner work and personal healing.  We came as a group of five, and as each individual’s work is being done, he or she is soothed by the sounds of the jungle animals – birds, insects, and frogs.  It’s a chance to reconnect to the earth, to nature, and to all the spirits connected to this magical place.

Here in the jungle where there is no electricity, no cell phones and being completely off the grid, you discover much truth.  Each evening we meet with our host for esoteric discussions.  Two of many teachings we have received from this experience are:

1.  Each day from your heart greet two complete strangers.  Perhaps the clerk at the checkout or some passerby.  Greet them with love in your heart and you will learn much and gently spread love and light;

2.  Each evening reflect upon the day as you go to sleep.  Review your actions, both the good and the bad.  For the bad, do not judge yourself, just say next time I will choose differently and focus on the good you did that day.  In this way you cleanse your heart, strengthen self love and change your behavior.

We look forward to seeing you all when we return!
Blessings and Be Well
-Jeff & Jo Currier