Mango the Lovebird

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About Me

Hi! I’m Mango! I’m a beautiful peach-faced lovebird, full of personality & wisdom! I live at Ways To Wellness, and I can’t wait for you to stop by the store so I can meet you.

I even have my own Facebook page to share my tricks and tweets with you!   I love my fans and friends.  Will you be one, too?  Click “like” on the Facebook thingy at right so we can keep in touch. ❀


I am a native of California, and I hatched a little over a decade ago! When I arrived at the Currier household, I scoped out all the people and decided that Jo was truly my person! Work history includes: teaching 2nd grade with Mrs. Currier, where I was responsible for yard duty and entertainment! Dancing, of course, is my forte.

Personal Interests

My favorite color is yellow, and I really can’t get enough of a good book! I have been told that I do a very good old fashioned type-writer imitation, and even create my own paper feathers!


Most Beautiful Bird Award
Voted Most Photogenic Lovebird – 2012