Aum Radraksha Designs



We carry Aum Bracelets and Necklaces.  Our stock is continually changing, please come in to see our current offering of Aum Designs.  

Dedicated to living in awareness and truth, wanting peace and freedom for all beings in this lifetime, the Rudraksha bead, derived from the Eleocarpus tree, is the heart of our creations bringing to the world of today the wisdom and power of the ancient sages in the form of contemporary Malas.

Adorned with semi precious stones combined with silver and gold each piece is handcrafted, blessed and designed in Bingin, Bali.

Let us entice you with our Mala creations or collaborate in bringing to life ideas of your own. May we unify to share the healing energy of these rare and sacred beads. May they help you to abide in and act from the ONE true Heart of pure consciousness.


”  The beads we use are grown on sustainable plantations in South East Asia. All beads are authentic. We use first quality untumbled beads. All beads are sorted and checked in order to use the best of these. We also test the power of our beads to choose the highest vibration beads to create our Mala jewelry. All our malas are made to the specific spiritual numbers of beads: 108/ 72 / 54.  

Rudraksha beads are sacred and need to be treated with respect and care. This is a major part of what we are about. “