Cabana Soaps

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Cabana Soaps is dedicated to bringing the highest quality, luxurious soap to our customers –  naturally with the power of plants.  Every ingredient is chosen for its beneficial properties.  There are no synthetics.

Cabana soap is very good at cleaning and moisturizing. It also has the benefits of the aromatherapy grade essential oils used in every bar except for the non-scented.

Every bar has the same base ingredients and moisturizing qualities. Each differ only in essential oils, exfoliates, or dried plants and herbs added after the base ingredients are combined.

Cabana Soaps rinse completely off your skin leaving it to function naturally and to accept and expel moisture without leaving a soap residue.  Because our soap rinses completely off your skin, you will not smell like the bar of soap but the room you washed in will.  The rich velvety lather occurs in both hard and soft water.

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Fun Facts About Cabana Soaps

[icon=’talk’]One of our favorites is made with Frankenmuth Brewery Dunkel Beer! The lather of our BEER SOAP is like the froth of the micro beer that was used to make it, velvety and rich. It rinses completely off your skin so you won’t smell like the bar after you rinse!

[icon=’globe’]Shave, Shampoo, and Shower – All-In-One! Cabana soap is the perfect travel companion! No need to worry about liquid restrictions on airplanes. And, you’ll be helping to reduce plastic bottle consumption, too!

[icon=’add’]Cabana soaps contain Coconut Oil! Research shows Coconut Oil protects your skin from the aging effects of free radicals, and can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with its anti-aging benefits.

[icon=’heart’]Cabana Soaps are locally made in Sanford, Michigan by soaper, Zachary Kidder.
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