[image style=”default” align=”left” size=”300″ src=”https://www.waystowellnessstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/hachumak.jpg”]We would like to introduce Hachumak, a Peruvian Healer. He comes to Michigan to share his experiences and understanding of healing. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to meet him on Saturday March 28th, hear his stories and have him explain his knowledge of how to activate the energies in our bodies, cultivate a sacred relationship with the earth and connect with the healing forces in nature. His talk/class is 2.5 hours and ends with a drumming meditation. The discussion/talk will be from 10am – 12:30pm. I have included a biography and a YouTube link for more information on Hachumak. Class/Talk is $75. Call the store to register at 989-486-3820 or click on the Schedule Now link at the bottom of the Ways To Wellness Banner.
Jorge Hachumak
Hachumak began studying *Nei Gong and Tai Chi in the 90’s in Lima’s Chinatown and eventually went on to become the South American Tai Chi champion. He studied with 5 Chinese teachers who taught him the subtleties of working with QI in the body. From this he was able to awaken the healing ability and worked for several years in hospitals in Peru teaching Nei Gong exercises and using energy healing with them. He developed a unique compilation of the exercises that would most easily and quickly access the healing changes that patients needed. About 20 years ago he was introduced to the ancient Peruvian healing traditions though his work with patients in the hospitals. They began to invite him to their villages. In these places, a continuum of wisdom has been kept concerning the keeping of healthy relationships between the people and environment. Arising from the healing connection he made with them, the elders started sharing with him their knowledge of plant medicines and of the sacred geographies of the land. Following this guidance led him eventually to living with a tribe in the Amazon. He learned the old ways of bringing the powers of nature to access the soul of the patient for healing.
*Nei Gong are the internal martial arts, the term was changed and consolidated after the Chinese revolution, however Hachumak’s teachers were from a group of immigrants to Lima prior to the revolution and so kept to the old ways and traditions. After the revolution the term Chi Gong was used but Nei Gong is accurate as to what Hachumak studied