Welcoming the Energies of 2017

Goodbye to 2016!!  It has been a year of challenges for many.  2016 was a difficult Karmic Debt year as the “16” brought us to face all the self-destructive things in our life and globally.  Just a quick look back at the year will bring this into focus for many.  As January 1, 2017 arrives, we begin to ask both individually and as a collective group, what will this New Year bring?  Traditionally, we make resolutions, set goals, create intentions, and manifest all sorts of things on December 31, the eve of the coming year.  Be assured, the high vibration, positive energies of what we each individually bring to the coming year influences what the group consciousness experiences.  Yet the energy from a numerology aspect also influences what is to come.  So let’s look at what some of the “big picture” energy is…

Many people just add up the numbers of a year to get the numerology.  This is a very valid way to do it but as our Numerologist Extraordinaire, Kirk Hall, explained to us, you lose some of the nuances of the numerology.  So while 2017 adds up to a Universal “1” Year, starting new cycles and beginnings, let’s look at it from a deeper perspective.

“20” and “17”:  The “20” is still guiding us towards that feminine energy, that energy of working together and in cooperation, but as it is followed by “17” we still have some Karmic work to do before we get there in “2020”.  “17” is a very masculine number and a very independent number.  The “1” will make this year another individually focused year, causing us to work through more of our personal stuff in a big way.  The “17” is a very creative, inventive, expansive number.  Individually we will be looking at new ways to do things, being inventive rather than following what has always been done.  ‘17’ will cause you to look at your spiritual faith and growth and push you to remain true to your spiritual and moral values.  ‘17’ also brings with it the Karmic Debt of ‘8’ – the law of cause and effect!  Our challenge this year will be to learn to face and overcome obstacles and to rise above negativities and use our powerful talents and manifesting abilities for the benefit of the self, others, and humanity as a whole. Perhaps 2017 will be a year where we are all faced to look at our own spiritual and moral values and with the influence of the “20” pushing us to do it in a way that brings us closer to cooperation.  Not an easy task for us in 2017.

So take time now as 2016 comes to an end to reflect, meditate, and release:   we all still have the opportunity to let go of all that no longer is for our highest good, those shadow-self aspects of ourselves.

Our heartfelt New Year’s wish for all:  May wisdom, compassion, grace, and love guide you, enrich and bless you, be shared by you in this and every moment of 2017.  Namaste…