Stones & Crystals

About Our Collection

One of the joys of coming into our store is to browse and experience our large stone, gemstone, and crystal collection.

To our knowledge, we offer the most extensive range of stones and crystals for sale in the state of Michigan.  Owner, Jeff Currier, is a geologist and has been an avid collector of stones and crystals for over 20 years.  He and Jo travel the state and country seeking the highest quality stones to bring into the store (and add to their own personal collection!).

Our collection is truly the “heart beat” of Ways To Wellness. They are positioned in the center of our store, and you can’t miss being drawn into their resonance.

Selecting Stones

The properties of each are abbreviated in short description for your reference as you browse, touch, and hold the stones. These descriptions can help you determine what stones are most useful to you. Although, sometimes, the best way to find a crystal is to just hold them and learn what feels good to you. The best way to learn about stones is to live, work and meditate with them, discovering what insights you can gain for yourself.

Our small stones range in price from just .10 cents to about $5.00 each. We also have a variety of rare, specialty, and larger stones that are priced individually.

Our wonderful staff can hep guide you to stones that may help or be of interest to you.  However, stones speak to each person differently.    We also carry many books and references about stones and crystals that can assist you in your learning.  The most important thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules — what feels good to you is likely best for you.  Stones can be an amazing teacher!

Earth Energy of Crystals

“The Earth is beautiful everywhere you look – the sky, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, plant life, animal life, human life. So it is when the Earth opens her heart…look what pours out – the incredible, awesome beauty of minerals. They manifest a precision, perfection, and creative beauty that we have admired for thousands of years. 

Crystals and minerals start as an event. They happen.  They are not static. All the necessary conditions (temperature, pressure, and chemical elements) combine in a particular way at a particular time to facilitate their birth and growth.   The rocks that make up the earth’s crust, that we walk on, that comprise our mountain ranges and canyons – have all undergone and continue to experience great change.  Rocks are what was once liquid – molten lava – that have cooled and become solid.  Rocks are the result of the massive accumulation of particles and plant and animal life that are compacted down, layer by layer. Rocks can not only bend, compress, and erode over time and from the elements, but can even metamorphose into different rocks, by extreme pressure, temperature, and chemical activity.  Rocks have life. Rocks have a story to tell. They hold the records of the most ancient histories of our earth. 

And crystals in particular do indeed have “energy.” Why do you think it is quartz crystal that is used in watches and radios? A quartz crystal is an oscillator – it receives, transmits, and stores energy. Perfect energy.  Quartz is used in a watch because it oscillates at an absolutely perfect rate.  And this energy is pure energy. The energy emanating from a quartz crystal when held in your hand is not like the energy in the light bulbs in your house or from the nuclear power plant. The energy of the crystal is direct from nature and pure as nature intended it. 

I believe that is why we have a need to connect with crystals. Crystals hold the true vibration of our planet. We have strayed away from our ability to experience that vibration for ourselves – we have forgotten.  In our quest to conquer and create a man-made environment, we have built a barrier that prevents us from experiencing what is actual reality. That barrier has been built over the last few thousand years of human existence, and is now part of us.  The original vibration is still there – within us – but we need to connect with another source in order to remember.  I think that is the role that crystals are playing in many lives today. Crystals are a source of the true vibration that is.

Pisces Trading

This description comes from John and Mick Baumanni.

The Subtle Energy of Stones and Crystals

“Each type of stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy.  The particular energy given off by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure, and by the atomic vibrations that are specific to that structure.  Certain stones, including most of the stones normally thought of as healing stones, vibrate in a way that resonates with and strengthens particular energies inside each person.  These are the energies of the inner self, the energies that make up the attitudes and human qualities of a person.  This resonance can occur because the inner self operates by using a type of subtle energy that is similar to the subtle energy of crystals and stones.  The reason this type of energy is called “subtle energy” is because, although it is physical, it is less physical in nature than normal types of energy such as heat, electricity or mechanical energy.

Subtle energy is what puts the “meta” in metaphysical.  It is subtle because it is hard to measure.  Science hasn’t figured out how to measure it yet, and what science can’t measure, it doesn’t believe in.  In spite of its many great achievements, science would not even know where to begin to measure your personal energy in order to find out how much subtle energy you are putting out in the form of human qualities such as patience or acceptance at any given time.

Because of its somewhat less physical nature, subtle energy reveals itself in a quieter, often slower and more gentle way than the more physical types of energy.  For example, if you put a stone or quartz crystal in your pocket and carry it around with you, it may take some time, perhaps a day, before you notice the effect from it.

The Difference Between Stones & Crystals

Both quartz crystals and certain types of stones strengthen the energies of the inner self, but each does it in a slightly different way.  A stone gives off a very specific narrow (in bandwidth) type of subtle energy vibration because of its crystalline structure and chemical makeup, and it is the stone itself that is the source of this vibration.

In contrast, quartz crystals are called the “master stone” because they operate in a much broader way that amplifies all the subtle energy frequencies.  This happens because quartz crystals, unlike stones, are not the actual source of the subtle energy vibration, but instead they amplify and then reflect back those subtle energy vibrations that exist in their immediate environment.  For this reason, a quartz crystal is able to strengthen all the energies of the inner self at once.  For example, if you feel loving toward someone, and you are carrying a quartz crystal in your pocket at the time, that crystal will amplify and intensify the love energy you put out by resonating with it and making it stronger.

Although stones and quartz crystals operate somewhat differently, each has its purpose.  Because of its narrow focus, a stone is somewhat stronger than a quartz crystal, but it only works in its own specific area, that is, each stone only strengthens the particular energy or human quality it resonates with.  This makes stones ideal for concentrating on your growth by working on one energy at a time, or working on several energies at once by using several stones.  Because of its broad and more general way of operating, a quartz crystal works to strengthen all areas of the inner self at the same time.

Because a quartz crystal strengthens everything at once, it doesn’t usually change the balance of the energies.  And balance in the energies is extremely important, sometimes even more important than growth itself.  This is why stones are so important.  They can not only strengthen the energies, but, if chosen properly, they can bring the weaker energies up closer in strength to the stronger energies, and produce an internal balance that gives you a serenity and peacefulness that comes from being of one mind (not of divided opinion) in all areas of your life.”

We regularly stock these many of these stones and crystals at Ways to Wellness, as well as unique ones we find from our travels.

Abalone Shell
Agatized Coral
Andalusite Chiastolite
Apache Tears
Apophyllite Points
Apophyllite Stilbite Cluster
Apricot Agate
Aqua Aura Quartz Point
Aqua Calcite
Auralite Amethyst Red Tip
Auralite Quartz Points
Avocado Jasper
Beryl mix
Black Calcite
Black Kyanite
Black Obsidian
Black Tourmaline
Blue Aragonite
Blue Aventurine
Blue Beryl
Blue Calcite
Blue Chalcedony
Blue Goldstone
Blue Green Tourmaline
Blue Obsidian
Blue Opal
Blue Quartz
Botryoidal Lepidolite
Botswana Agate
Brecciated Jasper
Brown Calcite
Celestial Aura Quartz Point
Chalcedony White
Chlorite Quartz
Chrysanthemum Stone
Clear Quartz Polished
Cobalt Blue Obsidian
Copper Nuggets
Coral Agatized
Crazy Lace Agate
Dalmation Stones
Dark Amethyst
Desert Rose
Double Terminated Quartz Points
Dravite Tourmaline
Druzy Quartz
Elestial Quartz
Eye Agate
Fairy Stones Large
Fire Agate
fire opal
Girasol Star Quartz
Green Apatite
Green Aventurine
Green Calcite
Green Garnet
Green Obsidian
Green Quartz
Green Tourmaline
Green Zebra Jasper
Hawk’s Eye
Herkimer Quartz Diamond
Honey Calcite
Ice Calcite
Kambamba Jasper
Lapis Lazuli
Laser Wand – Crystal
Leopardskin Jasper
Libyan Desert Glass
Lithium Quartz Points
Mahogony Obsidian
Mangano Calcite
Milky Quartz
Mini Dream Vogel
Mini Vogels
Montana Agate
Moonstone Black
Moss Agate Stone
Muscovite Rose
Natural Citrine Points
Nirvana Quartz
Ocean Japser
Octahedron Fluorite
Opal Aura Quartz
Optically Clear Calcite
Orange Calcite
Oregon Opal
Painted Picture Jasper
Paribra Blue Tourmaline
Peach Quartz
Petoskey Stone
Petrified Wood
Phantom Quartz
Picasso stones
Picture Jasper
Pink Aventurine
Pink Botswana Agate
Pink Opal
Pink Tourmaline
Quartz Clear Single Points
Quartz Points
Rainbow Aura Quartz
Rainbow Calcite
Rainbow Fluorite Large
Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Quartz Crystal
Rainforest Rhyolite
Raspberry Tourmaline
Red Aventurine
Red Calcite
Red Jasper
Red Tigers Eye
Red Tiger Iron
Rose Quartz
Rose Tourmaline
Royal Aura Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Sanda Rosa Azez Polished
Selenite Peak
Shaman Stones
Shiva Linghan Mini
Singing Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Sparkle Quartz
Spirit Quartz
Star Of David
Tangerine Aura Quartz
Tangerine Quartz
Tibetan Black Double Ter Quartz
Tibetan Quartz Special Quality
Tiger Jasper
Tigers Eye
topaz rough
Tourmilated Quartz
Tree Agate
Turritella Agate
Ulexite TV Stone
Uruguay Druze Flat
Vesuvianite (Californite)
Watermelon Tourmaline
White Aventurine
White Howlite
Yellow Fluorite
Yellow Jasper
Yellow Opal
Yellow Quartz
Zebra Jasper
Zoisite Ruby