Bennington Candles

[image align=”right” effect=”default” title=”Bennington Candle Varieties!” size=”300″ src=””]Bennington Candles are hand-poured, long-burning candles scented with pure essential oils, and available in both soy and paraffin.

These lovely candles are each named for the aroma-therapeutic qualities their essential oils inspire including “Uplifting”, “Calming”, “Inspiration”, and “Energy”.

Bennington Candle is a small company in Southern Vermont, founded in 1997. It started out has a hobby of husband and wife team, Steve and Denise Briere, from their love of candles and aromatherapy:

“We hand-pour each candle from our own custom blend of waxes, essential oils, and unbleached cotton wicks.  Our original candle line is made from the highest grade of paraffin waxes. We have also added a natural soy wax line made from renewable resources.”

Ways To Wellness carries:

  • Votives – Soy and Paraffin in 36 varieties, each has unique scent & color
  • Soy Tins – Available in 12 varieties, burn time approximately 25 hours
  • Soy Jars – Beautiful glass jars, available in 24 varieties, burn time approximately 60 hours
  • Half-Pillars – Soy and Paraffin in 36 varieties, burn time approximately 40 hours

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[icon=”globe” /]Bennington Candle isn’t just about great aromatherapy candles, though.  We like that they’re also a socially responsible business that tries to make the community a better place. They donate five percent of their annual profit to charity, and make every effort to use recycled and recyclable materials in their office – right down to the unbleached 100% recycled paper labels on every Bennington Candle they make.


Bennington Candles come in 36 different scents.   We welcome you to come in our store and sniff your way to feeling well!   Once they start smelling, most of our customers will tell you its difficult to stop!  The candles can make you feel THAT good.

No matter what healing or supportive scent you’re looking for, Bennington is sure to have one that is perfect for you or a friend.   Our tins and glass jars make perfect gifts for celebrations, thank you’s, teachers, or for those in need of a spirit boost.  Give them on their own, or make your own gift bag and include complimentary items.   We even offer gift-packaging for all occasions right in the store.

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