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New Year’s Day, Monday, January 1 – Store Closed
Tuesday, January 2 – Store Closed for Inventory, 10am-6pm

Talking Circle 
Tuesday, January 2, 7:00 – 8:30 pm with Jerry Mitchell
Ways To Wellness is excited to host a traditional Talking Circle.  The Circle will meet the first Tuesday of each month. Talking Circles are most commonly used in the Native Cultures and ours will be modeled after that. The Circle will be facilitated, and we will use the talking stick technique.  The most common type of circle is a simple sharing circle, where people just share whatever they have to say. There is no particular purpose or theme, and many fascinating side-trips often happen. The sharing circle is also an excellent introduction to ceremonies and other tools.   Another common circle is the healing circle. By healing it is meant that healing occurs through talking. This is generally guided by the conductor, and will be convened to deal with issues that are bothering people. These issues may be specific, or the circle may be called to simply allow everyone to get any problems “off their chests”.  Our circle will be both a sharing circle and a healing circle. Free Event

Kundalini Yoga – An uplifting blend of physical and spiritual practices…
Every Tuesday, January 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, 6:00 – 7:30pm with Sharon Hutchison
Discover what Kundalini Yoga “feels” like! Join us to experience what this form of yoga is or for a regular Tuesday evening practice. Sharon has practiced Kundalini Yoga since the mid-seventies and, in addition to her other yoga certifications, is certified under Marge Thomas Yogi Bhajan, and currently under Guru Kirin Khalsa. Drop in cost: $15 per class.

Reiki Share – Experience the Energy – Note Day Change
Wednesday, January 3, 7:00 – 8:30 pm with Jeff and Jo Currier
Our Reiki Share is open to everyone…those who are curious and want to experience Reiki… those that have experienced the joy and healing of Reiki…and those who are practitioners of Reiki at any level.  Reiki Share is offered at no cost, although donations are accepted in any way you feel guided – all donations are given to local community charities. Cost: Free —Benefit: Priceless.  Just drop in…  Feel free to bring friends!

Using Essential Oils   
Thursday, January 4, 6:30-8:30 PM with Jeff, Jo & Shauna
The interest, importance, and awareness of the benefits of essential oils is growing. In this class you’ll learn the basics of using essential oils in a practical way so that you feel confident selecting what you need for your daily life, well-being, and health as well as for your family members. Jeff and Jo will share with you the resources and simple techniques that they have learned over the years to make essential oils your new best friend :) This class is so much more than just “Aromatherapy”; it will become a natural “go-to”. And…you’ll take home your own custom essential oil blend and get a copy of our Therapeutic Essential Oil Guide! Cost: $25. Online scheduling

Learn To Meditate – Reduce Stress !
Saturday, January 6, 10:00am – 12:00pm with Jeff Currier
Learn and experience how dedicating time to practicing meditation actually gives you more time. You will learn to cultivate calm within yourself despite external factors around you and become more efficient in your world as a result. Class will include the basic philosophy and a demonstration of several techniques, all of which will help you find your unique style of stilling your mind and discovering your personal method for stress reduction. This is one of our most popular classes! Cost: $20—Benefit: Priceless. <3  Online scheduling

Crystal Energies in Your Life
Saturday, January 6, 1:00pm –3:00pm with Jeff Currier
Crystals are beautiful and a great way to enhance your life. With all the information that is out there it can be confusing on what to use, where and how to use them and so much more. This is a hands on class where we build the agenda based on what you need, all your questions will be answered and we will cover crystal topics from A to Z. Don’t miss this wonderful class and chance to pick Jeff’s mind on all that crystal knowledge. If you need crystals identified, bring them. Cost: $20  Online scheduling

A1 Aura Photos & Chakra Report
Thursday, January 11, 3:00pm – 7:00pm with Jack & Susan Lewis
Jack and Susan use a true Coggins Camera to capture your aura — no computer image.  The aura is an energy field that radiates through and around all living things.  Your aura is an extension of who you are; your actions, thoughts and emotions show up in your aura.  Using a specialized camera that is designed to capture the Aura and Chakras of the body, Jack and Susan can tell you about the colors that show up in the aura and their different meanings. Through the interpretive reading that comes with the photo you can learn a lot about yourself.  With the optional Aura/Chakra color print out, you can see and learn about your chakras.  The chakras each govern different areas of the body and affect your physical, mental and emotional state.  Cost for Aura Photo: $30. With Additional Chakra Report printout: $40. Please schedule ahead of time by calling the store at 989-486-3820.  Online scheduling

Brain Turpin Intuitive Readings
Saturday, January 9 @ 10:30 – 5:30 pm with Brian Turpin
Brian will be offering Psychic, Medium, and Channeling sessions as well as, spiritual counseling, intuitive coaching, and all manners of Psychic help. Brian sets his readings at a great value of $60 for a 30-minute session, or $120 for a 60-minute session. Feel free to record your readings. Call the store at 989-486-3820 or go to our website to schedule an appointment time.  Online scheduling

Medical Intuitive Individual Appointments – Lori Irvin
Thursday, January 18, 12:30 – 7:00pm
Helping People & Animals achieve better health — Rev. Lori Irvin is a Medical Intuitive Healer trained in Lily Dale, NY and Ann Arbor, MI. She is a Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher, State Registered Occupational Therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Specialist providing customized healing to reduce/eliminate symptoms of the body, mind, and soul through energetic healing guided by Source. Lori helps heal your physical and emotional well-being through: Pain Removal/Reduction Techniques, Holy-Fire Reiki, Cellular Work, Inner Child Integration, Cord Attachment Removal, Color & Crystal Energy Work, Energetic Psychic Surgery, Extraction and more! Cost: $60/30 minutes, $100/hour.  Online scheduling

Meet Your Guides and Teachers 
Saturday, January 20, 10:00am –12:00pm with Nancy Hall
Join Rev. Nancy Hall in a night of intuition discovery. As you learn about your Spirit Guides and Teachers and their specific roles in your life, you will begin to understand your own gifts and how to enhance and incorporate these gifts in your everyday life.  Rev. Nancy will be taking you through guided meditations to help you meet one or more of your guides as you begin to create a partnership with them to assist you in these chaotic times. Opening up to Spirit is exciting and empowering. Please join us. Cost $20​  Online scheduling

Intro to Wire Wrapping
Saturday, January 20, 1:00pm –3:00pm with Logan Schooley
Weave your way to a new creation, with the help of Logan. He will guide you on making your very own, personal wire wrap. The class will include everything needed to wrap; 3 different wire colors, tools, and crystals! You’re welcome to even bring a special crystal of your own that you might want to wrap! Cost: $35  Online scheduling

Henna Body Art
Saturday, January 27, 12:00pm –3:00pm with Amy Phoenix
Join Amy Phoenix for body art with henna to nurture your mind, body and spirit at the same time. Commonly known as mehndi, henna is a plant that is used to temporarily decorate the skin, celebrate various rites of passage from pregnancy to bridal showers, stain fabrics and even keep the soles of feet cool in hot climates. Enjoy a unique design which lasts about 1-2 weeks. Appointments and walk-ins available. Cost: $15 -$50 depending on design complexity.

Oneness Blessing and Meditation   
Wednesday, January 31 @ 6:00pm-8:00pm with Susan Lewis
The Oneness Blessing and Meditation evening will consist of Susan sharing teachings on the Oneness Blessing.  There will also be a Chakra Meditation and receiving of the Oneness Deeksha Blessings.  The Oneness Blessing, also known as Deeksha, is an experience, not a concept.  It is the transfer of intelligent energy that initiates a neurobiological shift in the brain.  This will be a powerful evening filled with physical and spiritual growth and healing opportunities.  Cost $15

Looking Ahead to February and March:

Everything Is Energy
Wednesday, February 21 @ 6:30-8:30 PM with Jeff & Jo Currier

Reiki 1&2 Training
Saturday & Sunday, February 24 & 25 @ 10:00am – 5:30 pm

Gem Show Reveal
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, All Day March 9, 10, & 11