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May Special Guest – John Sarantos

We are happy to welcome John Sarantos to Ways To Wellness. John will be teaching How To Play The Native American Flute. John brings his unique, non-musical, non-theory teaching style that ensures everyone is able to learn to play this beautiful instrument. Flutes will be provide for $35 if you need one or bring your own. Give yourself the gift of learning from this true master.

Special Event: Free Community Talk ” Transformation in Peru: A Spiritual Experience”.

Tuesday, May 17th from 7- 9pm.

This free community event will be held at the Small Auditorium in the Grace A. Dow Library. Embarking on an experience that transforms every aspect of your life – that’s what a group of six people did for two weeks in the Amazon jungle in Peru. Read more in the Upcoming Classes tab under Classes and Seminars.

Hachumak is Returning !!

Tuesday, May 24 through Thursday, May 28 from 10am – 6pm

Hachumak is coming back to Michigan to share his experiences and understanding of healing. We are thrilled that he will be here to provide the opportunity to meet him, hear his stories and have him explain his knowledge of how to activate the energies in our bodies, cultivate a sacred relationship with the earth and connect with the healing forces in nature. He will be doing private healing sessions include the laying on of hands to specific parts of the body. The client is asked to close their eyes and focus within, but no specific thoughts need to be held or no conscious effort is needed from the client. Hachumak makes a dialogue with the deep part of the person’s consciousness, and bringing the healing forces with whom he keeps a connection, the force of life directs itself to what is needed by the patient. We are blessed to have Peruvian Healer trained in the ancient ways that predate the Inca to work with. 1 ½ hour sessions are $250. Call 989-486-3820 to schedule.

A1 Aura Photo

They will be in the store Tuesday, May 24th.

Sherry Lord is returning the first week in June

Check out all the details in the Upcoming Classes tab under Classes and Seminars.