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March brings with it the glimmer of better (and warmer) things to come, as well as reminders that winter is still here.  We get back to a point where there is more daylight than night with the passing of the equinox.  Here at Ways To Wellness, we have a whole host of classes and events that prepare you for spring and all the “planting” (from a wellness and personal growth perspective) that you choose to do this year.

Shirley Southerland will be here this month from March 17-20.  Stephanie Amey will be offering Acupuncture sessions, and we have a new teacher, Lucy Balch, who will be sharing her deep breadth of knowledge on Homeopathy and how you can use it for improving your health.   Downtown Midland’s “Meet Your Merchants” annual event will be happening this month; we have a whole host of FREE mini sessions planned for that day so you can experience first-hand some ways that you can bring well-being into your life.

Stop in for a cup of tea:  breathe the air and energy and get revitalized.  As always we are grateful for the community and happy that we are able to be of service to you.

Blessings from Your WTW Crew — Jo, Jeff, Kristie, Joel, Shauna, Logan, and Heather


Shop local and get some great gifts that help your friends and loved ones improve their overall well-being.  At the store, you’re invited to test products, enjoy a cup of tea, and take in the relaxing smells while you browse!
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Plan ahead!  Click Here to view our full annual calendar!  We schedule classes and events several months out, and this calendar is always up to date.