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Jeff & Jo Currier, owners of Ways To Wellness in Midland, Michigan are proud to become the new owners of Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan taking the reins from Ricki Blanchard who has been the face of Higher Self Bookstore for the last 15 years. They look forward to continuing to service the Midland community and are excited to join the Traverse City community. For more details, see the links below.
Click here to hear how Jeff & Jo came to be the new owners and what the future holds and to hear from Ricki on the sale of Higher Self Bookstore..


Mark Handler Tibetan Bowl Meditative Concert

Saturday, November 14, 10:00am – 12:00nn

SOUND VIBRATIONAL HEALING OF SELF AND OTHERS WITH TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS Sound vibration methods are very powerful meditative and healing approaches. Evidenced based research has determined various meditative approaches have many positive effects on our physical and emotional health (healing the integration of mind, body and spirit). This class will emphasize vibrational approaches with singing bowls to assess ones internal energy field (chakras, nadis, meridians ) and balance it. Therapeutic sound awakens the body’s internal wisdom to assists it with healing.

Benefits of a Raw / Vegan Lifestyle Class and Food Demo !!!

Saturday, November 21, 1:00 – 3:00pm with Anastasia Voss

We welcome special guest, blogger, and author Anastasia Voss to Midland — Join us and experience her “Benefits of a Raw Vegan Lifestyle” talk and raw food demo! Learn the healing and multiple benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle with a delicious and exciting organic food demo.
Check out Anastasia’s blog at www.anastasiaraw.com/blog
Book Signing Follow the class – The AnastasiaRaw Uncook Book

Experience Extraordinary Healing and Transformation in the Amazon Jungle with Peruvian Healer Hachumak and Plant Medicines. February 15-28, 2016

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